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2021 Annual Appeal

Thank you for visiting us here to learn more about ways to get involved with BIA-MA, our mission, make a donation, or sign up to get one free issue of Heads-Up Headlines.

Our work in brain injury is far from done and BIA-MA is committed to filling the gaps. Donations of any size help us to fulfill our mission of creating better futures for all affected by brain injury.

We look forward to growing our voice together!



Your gift today will help us build a brighter future for people and families across the Commonwealth experiencing the effects of brain injury.

Nothing brings us greater joy and satisfaction than watching someone who has experienced a brain injury achieve an important goal or milestone during their recovery journey.

Joanne Susi is one shining example. In 2008, Joanne suffered multiple strokes that nearly ended her life. After surgery and intensive therapy, Joanne progressed, but was unable to live on her own or with her family. At that point in time, her only option was to move to a nursing home. While Joanne speaks highly of the care she received during the three years she lived at the nursing facility, she knew it wasn’t the best place for her. She was much younger than most of her fellow residents, and she had so much more life to live—and so much more she wanted to experience and achieve.

Thanks to the Hutchinson v. Patrick class action lawsuit, which the BIA-MA helped spearhead as an organizational plaintiff, Joanne was able to take advantage of a new brain injury waiver program to support the transition to community-based living. Today, she is an author, certified life coach, advocate and currently leads a BIA-MA support group to encourage others in their recovery.

“My intuition, and that of those around me, led me to surviving my strokes and then to the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts, so that I can continue to fulfill my real-life purpose—sharing my story and motivating others to learn who they really are. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks and I am living proof of what life can be after brain injury.”

As a supporter of the BIA-MA, you are undoubtedly aware of the remarkable progress that has been achieved since the Hutchinson litigation was filed, allowing nearly 1,200 people to transition to community services in recent years. Thanks to our collective work, individuals now trying to rebuild their lives after a brain injury will hopefully never have to subsist in the shadows of institutional care. But this is no time for us to rest on our laurels. There remain significant gaps in the Commonwealth’s system of care, and the BIA-MA is committed to remaining the go-to organization for our stakeholders looking to us for leadership, advocacy, education, support and training.

We hope you will consider a gift to BIA-MA today!

The Taunton Daily Gazette recently published a terrific story about the transformative impact of the Hutchinson lawsuit and the legacy of its lead plaintiff, Cathy Hutchinson. READ THE ARTICLE

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