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Arlene Korab

No one knew more than Arlene Korab about the needs of the brain injury community.  She personally lived through every emotion a family goes through when a loved one suffers a traumatic brain injury.  In 1980 Arlene’s son, Kevin, was a passenger in a car when the driver lost control. Kevin, who was not wearing a seat belt, suffered severe trauma to his brain and was in a coma for six months.

Determined to find out more about brain injury and advocate for Kevin, Arlene became involved with a group of like-minded families, who ultimately founded BIA-MA.  “Arlene exuded the mission ‘to create a better future for brain injury survivors through prevention, education, advocacy and support.’  She was a mom first and the fire under her feet gave her the motivation and dedication to build an effective state-wide advocacy and service organization,” recalled Marilyn Spivak, family member and founder of Brain Injury Association of America.  

Arlene served for ten years on the board of directors and in 1992 assumed the position of Executive Director, a job she held for more than twenty years.  Current Board Chair and long-time friend, David Dwork commented, “as Executive Director, Arlene made each families’ struggle her own personal struggle. She saw each obstacle as an opportunity. Her quiet but unwavering determination is the reason that the BIA-MA provides the services and programs that it does today and has achieved the legislative and judicial victories that have helped thousands of survivors and their families.” 

Nicole Godaire, BIA-MA Chief Executive Officer, added, “Arlene’s leadership helped Massachusetts become the model by which all other brain injury services are measured, across the country. A life so inspirationally lived deserves to be beautifully remembered.” 

To honor Arlene’s contributions and ensure that BIA-MA continues to improve the lives of survivors across the Commonwealth, the Arlene Korab Fund was established.