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Joanne Susi

"I was suddenly unable to do the things I once injoyed, struggling to come to terms with my injury, frustrated and angry”

Bob's life changed completely in 2013 when he fell two stories while shrink wrapping a boat at the marina where he worked. With the help of his family and BIA-MA,he has found ways to enjoy most of the things he used to, just a little differently. Click here to support BIA-MA efforts in creating better futures for those affected by brain injury.

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FY'19 Ask for the Statewide Head Injury Budget (line item 4120-6000)

Funding for the Statewide Head Injury Program

On January 24, 2018, Governor Charlie Baker submitted the Fiscal Year '19 budget proposal (H.2 budget). The H.2 budget funds MRC at $49.0M, which is a $164K (.3%) decrease over FY'18 estimated spending. The Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP) portion of the MRC budget (MRC line item 4120-6000) is funded at $15,614,075.

Final FY ’19 Budget---Governor Charlie Baker signed the final budget on July 26, 2018 including the additional $750,000 for the Statewide Head Injury Program.  BIA-MA is extremely proud of the advocacy efforts that helped to convince the legislature and Governor of the need for this increase.  Stay tuned for next year’s campaign.

Conference Committee – The Conference Committee worked out the differences between the House and Senate budgets.  BIA-MA supported the Senate proposed number of $16,364,075 to fund Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP).  This is an additional $164,075 over the House budget and $750,000 over the Governor’s budget.

Senate budget—The Senate Ways and Means Committee released its budget on May 10th and funded SHIP at $16,364,075 ($750,000 increase over the Governor’s budget) Senator Michael Barrett filed an amendment with fourteen co-signers for an additional $250,000.  Unfortunately, the amendment was consolidated and not approved. 

This year a record number of bipartisan Senators cosigned the amendment, including: Democratic Sens. Michael Moore, James Eldridge, Cynthia Friedman, Brendan Crighton, Michael Brady, Jason Lewis, Adam Hinds, Barbara L’Italien, Paul Feeney, John Keenan, Welch, Anne Gobi, and Republican Sens. Patrick O’Connor and Richard Ross    However, 1196 Amendments were filed this year and the amendment to increase funding for SHIP did not pass. 

House Budget—On April 11, 2018, the House Ways and Means Committee released its budget funding SHIP at $16,200,000.  BIA-MA advocated to increase the amount by an additional $2 million dollars.

Representative Kimberly Ferguson filed the amendment with fifty-two bipartisan co-signers, including, Reps. Jonathan Hecht, John Scibak, Chris Walsh, Paul McMurtry, Carolyn Dykema, Angelo Puppolo,  Tricia Farley-Bouvier, Tackey Chan, Jonathan D. Zlotnik, Brian M. Ashe, Frank I. Smizik, Denise C. Garlick, Kay Khan, James R. Miceli, Jack Lewis, Solomon Goldstein-Rose, Marjorie C. Decker, RoseLee Vincent, John H. Rogers, Aaron Vega, James J. O'Day, Thomas M. Stanley, Sean Garballey, James J. Dwyer, Paul A. Schmid, Natalie Higgins, Danielle W. Gregoire, Carlos González, Denise Provost, Louis L. Kafka, Cory Atkins, Carole A. Fiola, Michael S. Day, Smitty Pignatelli, Bud Williams, Daniel J. Hunt, Mary S. Keefe, John J. Lawn, Jr., José F. Tosado, Susan Williams Gifford, Mathew Muratore, William L. Crocker, Jr., Shawn Dooley, Angelo D’Emilia, Hannah Kane, Elizabeth Poirier, Donald Wong, David Muradian, David Vieira, Randy Hunt, F. Jay Barrows, Jose Tosado and Colleen Garry.

Unfortunately, the amendment was consolidated and not approved. 

Effort to Increase the FY'19 MRC SHIP Budget (line item 4120-6000)

BIA-MA is advocating for an FY'19 Ask of $17,614,075, an additional $2 million dollars over the FY'18 budget of $15,614,075. This additional funding will increase the ability to provide community based services, a multi-service enter, transitional support services, and support services.

BIA-MA has begun meeting with members of the Joint Committee of Ways and Means to advocate for increasing funding for SHIP. This committee considers all matters relating to the finances of the Commonwealth.

Final FY'18 Budget

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