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Support Groups

Brain injury can have a traumatic effect on both survivors and their families. BIA-MA sponsors support groups across the state that provide survivors and their loved ones a forum for sharing information, a compassionate and understanding peer group, and an opportunity to socialize and make new friends with others.

Virtual Support Group Information: Due to a strong need for brain injury survivors to connect, BIA-MA is temporarily transitioning our support groups to virtual settings. The group leader will facilitate the support group using ZOOM video-conferencing. You may participate using video or just the audio from your phone. 

To participate in a virtual support group, please send an email to with your name and the date/time of the group you wish to attend. We will respond individually with access codes and directions for specific groups.

Virtual Support Group Listing: Click on thumbnail to view the pdf. BIA-MA's support groups are for those affected by brain injury.

September 2023

October 2023

Questions? Contact Cynthia Cardeli, BIA-MA Director of Programs & Services,
at 508-475-0032 or email