Awareness is an all year, 24/7 endeavor! Whether you are a member of the media looking for information, someone personally affected looking for ways to get more involved, or someone looking for more information about how you can help, a member of our team is happy to assist you with questions related to brain injury, events, news, and more!

Contact the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts’ Policy, Strategy & Communications team for facts about brain injury, current news, or to set up an interview with subject matter experts.


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Our organization partners with the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) in observing Brain Injury Awareness Month through a month-long awareness campaign in March each year.

Our current Brain Injury Awareness campaign, My Brain Injury Journey, is meant to help amplify the voices of brain injury survivors, families, and caregivers and to spotlight the uniqueness of each person’s lives, experiences, and stories.

Download Materials to Help Share Your Story: Click here to download printable posters, social media graphics, and other great marketing materials to use during Brain Injury Awareness Month, and all year long!

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